Wednesday, February 24, 2010

About me . . .

Hubby- 40
Step son- 8 and so sensitive and sweet. Mom dissappoints him regularly and he cries when she breaks promises or tells him she can't sleep without him there.
Step son- 4 and a firecracker. Never known a world without 2 families and so acts like 2 different kids- sweet, normal and a joy around us; whiney, clingy and refuses to sleep/nap for ex wife and family
Daughter- 1 and a real trooper. Suprised us all with her coming, and is the love of all our lives.

Have been married for two years. With hubby for over three. Still madly in love.

Ex-wife- diagnosed by two seperate mental health professionals as having Borderline Personality Disorder. Abandoned by her mother as an infant, raped by her step-father, and bounced around between drug addict sisters and a father who worked constantly and dated around. The woman had a rough childhood, and I feel for her.
She and hubby were married for 10 years. He found out she was cheating with his friend when the youngest was only 4 months old and divorced her quickly. She married that guy last spring- he is her 3rd husband. She is a loose cannon- you never know who she'll be from one day to the next. Happy, sad, angry, threatening? One day she'll ask you to watch the children extra, the next she'll say she doesn't want you to travel to Colorado on vacation for fear of you running away with the kids. She goes back and forth between calling my hubby a wonderful father and a terrible father. She is insecure about her appearance, how people perceive her, and about her abilities as a mother. She regularly messes with the children emotionally for her own benefit. She forgets things, makes things up, and always wants a fight. In all, she's an exhausting person.

Custody is 50/50. 7 on, 7 off. That was a battle to get- basically in California if she's not a drug addict who's been arrested 30 times, it's impossible to get a ruling against the mother of a child. Will tell more about that later. We were on a 2-2-5 schedule, when she decided that I was going around town telling everyone I was the kids' mother (*see above, re: making things up) and basically ran a muck; lied to my hubby about where the children were, stopped working and kept them at home with her until hubby filed against her in court for violation of the court order. 2 years of mediation and counseling later, she ends up giving us everything we requested in the first place. That counselor suggested that she just wanted to gripe.

Welcome to the journey.

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